Studio Acrylics Pebeo 100 ml n356 Irridescent blue

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Pébéo, a color manufacturer based in Provence, offers the Studio Acrylics High Viscosity range for all artists who want to work with a smooth, satin-finish paint that leaves a lasting impression. Thick and very pleasant, this range is quite simply unique, both in terms of its consistency and its exceptional color palette. Why choose Studio Acrylics by Pébéo? studio Acrylics by Pébéo offers you 71 shades based on both classic fine art shades and a totally innovative palette you won't find anywhere else: irridescent, dyna, phosphorescent and fluorescent. An invaluable and truly original "bridge" for artists wishing to work with color contributions, while using shades that break away from classic work. You can mix with numerous auxiliaries and other color charts. Structure gels, mediums, impastos and, of course, all the effects offered by this manufacturer, such as Prisme, Fantasy or Moon. Pébéo suggests combining Studio Acrylics (which will be your working base) with all the products offered by this manufacturer in its "mixed-media" range. For those unfamiliar with the impressive advances in research into new shades, Dyna colors are based on pearl-effect pigments, whose material sheets have different refractive indices. The play of light is sensational. Each "dyna" tone recomposes light by defracting it. Studio Acrylics is a water-based paint. So you can easily clean your brushes with Marseille soap. This acrylic paint can be used on all the usual supports: canvas, cardboard, wood, metal, etc. All the colors in the color chart are highly pigmented for a satin finish and excellent lightfastness. The paint dries in less than an hour on the surface, and in between one day and eight days, depending on the thickness you work with. Acrylics Studio Pébéo, shown here in a 100-ml tube, is also available in 250-ml tubes and 500-ml jars.

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