Cleopatra vinyl glue Cleo'frame 250 gr

Reference: CLEOLCC2250

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Here is the Cleopatra frame glue "Cleo'Cadre" from Cleopatra. This white glue is ideal for porous surfaces. Cleopatra's frame glue has an extra strong setting that sticks to all materials commonly used in scrapbooking : bookbinding, cardboard, and generally papers.

The clubs of framing love it because it is also perfectly adapted to the marouflage on papers and realizations of passe-partout.

This vinyl glue becomes transparent when drying and leaves a film with a neutral Ph after drying. It is an ideal glue for the realizations in Fimo and you will also use it for your repairs of porcelain and earthenware. A vinyl glue that knows how to do everything Cleopatra signature.

Technical characteristics of the vinyl glue for frame:

  • Immediate bonding
  • Final setting time : 5 to 10 mn
  • Final drying time: about 2 hours
  • Guaranteed acid-free
  • PH neutral
  • Does not curl on paper
  • Made in France


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8 to 10 days

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delivery time
8 to 10 days 8 to 10 days 8 to 10 days
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