Deco Textil 50 ML HONEY

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The TEXTIL Deco range is composed of 50 shades: The natures: the elegance of colors. The search for a harmonious mix to create a classic and modern home. The bright ones: open to color, it is a spirit adapted to the universe of children and teenagers. A good mood in the house. Passions: African, Asian or Slavic spirit, these are warm, exotic colors for a house open to the world. Pastels: a combination of geometric graphics and monochromatic colors, a contemporary, uncluttered decor, in a loft spirit, colors that accompany our daily lives. No limit in terms of creation, combine them according to your desires, mix the styles and customize your interior.

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Pigment Sennelier pot 200 ml 120g n 213 green earth Pigment Sennelier pot 200 ml 80g n 541 medium cadmium yellow subs Pigment Sennelier pot 200 ml 110g n 609 cadmium red orange Pigment Sennelier pot 200 ml 140g n 341 cobalt blue turquoise
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