Fine Art Acrylics

Fine Art Acrylics

Buy fine art acrylic paint for all techniques

Collage, adding material, incorporating elements, volume, texture work: buying acrylic paint will allow you to explore infinite possibilities. Developed at the end of the last century, this paint for canvas allows you to take on any creative challenge. Fast drying, pigment-based paint mixed with synthetic resin, to which a filler has been added to add material, acrylic paint can be used alone or with the addition of gels: texture, structural mortar, fluidizers.Buying acrylic paint can quickly become the solution for your innovative creative projects.

The largest selection of artistic acrylic paint boxes

The Liquitex range is the absolute specialist in this technique and offers in addition to the Basics and Extra-Fine ranges a fabulous selection of additives such as texture gels (sand effect, resin, fabric) and professional gessos and mediums.

Liquitex has developed its Spray Paint which diffuses the paint via aerosols allowing to work with all techniques: stencils, collages and mixed techniques.

AmsterdamAcrylic is more than a line: it's a true concept offering fabulous results as canvas paint or in home decor creations.

Royal Talens' Van Gogh acrylics offer a palette of 40 colors, composed of intense pigments, with a strong coloring power.

And to take you even further in thepurchase of acrylic paint, you can find most of these products in the form of boxes to start or take advantage of an economic solution to let your creativity speak for itself at the best price.

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