Vinyl glue 1 kilo Vinyl'Ecole Cléopâtre

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Vinyl'école 1 kg vinyl glue is one of the most common glues for handicrafts. Used by many teachers and students, it is known for its low water content. The paper sticks easily and does not curl. This thick glue is transparent after drying. Thick, it allows an easy application

This white glue is ideal for all gluing on non-porous surfaces such as wood, plaster or cardboard. You can also mix it with gouache paint, which will give it an "acrylic paint" look and a velvety finish.

Of course Vinyl 'école 1 kg is ideal for school work, in young children totally adapted. To avoid any curling, apply it like a paint. For gluing on thicker surfaces, we recommend working on both areas to be glued to ensure optimal hold. Apply the vinyl glue to both surfaces, leave for one to two minutes and adhere the two parts.

Please note: Vinyl'école 1 kg vinyl glue is made in France and of course guaranteed solvent-free.

Technical data of the vinyl glue:

  • Bottle of one kilo
  • From 3 years old, ideal for schools and creative activities
  • Can be easily cleaned with water
  • Product meets the EMAS certificate therefore Eco Responsible
  • Made in France


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