Oil painting

Oil paints

Buy inexpensive but quality oil paint

Used for hundreds of years by the greatest masters of painting, oil paint enables you to create works with intense, subtle brushstrokes and unrivalled depth. Respecting the fat-on-lean rule, using the right mediums and brushes, choosing a range to suit your needs: our selection of inexpensive oil paints offers suitable solutions for both beginners and those who have perfectly mastered the technique.

Everything you need to buy oil paints

In this section, you'll find a selection of tried-and-tested oil pain ts. From prestigious extra-fine paints such as Rembrandt or Lefranc extra-fine, to study ranges such as Sennelier oil, each brand tells a story drawn from artisanal manufacturing, a determination to use only the best pigments to offer you exceptional results, and the certainty that thepurchase of each oil paint is a good investment.

Buying oil paint is an important moment that will partly determine the quality of your work, so think about it when you buy! To make up your own mind, don't hesitate to try out the different inexpensive oil paints we offer here: they're sure to meet your needs.

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